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Why choose BioSure?

Having decades of unique experience, we are passionate about offering you the tools to help “You Take Control of You”.

Early diagnosis is key to managing any health condition and accessing quick, accurate results from the comfort of your own home can help you make informed decisions. BioSURE Self Test results are recognised by your healthcare provider, so can really help when chatting with your doctor.

We are also delighted to bring you BioSURE PRO, our innovative new products focused on drug-free preventative healthcare.

So when you want to be sure, #BeBioSure.

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Block colds & flu before they start

The unique drug-free formula of BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray is a microemulsion clinically proven to block colds, flu and coronaviruses for 6 hours per application, by creating an invisible physical barrier to help stop infections.

Simple, safe, effective and convenient, get that extra layer of protection and wherever you go, take BioSURE PRO!

Take control of you today.