Navigating the Winter Surge – BioSURE PRO is your trusty companion.

Navigating the Winter Surge – BioSURE PRO is your trusty companion.

Navigating the Winter Surge – BioSURE PRO is your trusty companion.


As the winter season continues, so does the anticipated surge in respiratory illnesses that typically accompanies the colder months. However, this year stands out, marked by a noticeable spike in respiratory illness cases. It seems like everyone you know at the moment is battling a cold or some form of virus, raising concerns about the unprecedented increase in winter-related health issues.


Understanding the Surge


While it’s not uncommon for cases to rise during the winter months, due to the colder temperatures and increased indoor activities with closer proximities, this year’s surge seems to be exceeding previous years. Respiratory illness cases, including flu and COVID-19, have soared beyond the usual seasonal trends. Recent data reveals alarming statistics, with flu cases nearly doubling during the 2023 Christmas week compared to the previous fortnight. Moreover, hospital admissions for COVID-19 witnessed a staggering 57% increase during the same period.*


Shift in Demographics


Usually, the elderly and individuals with underlying health conditions were considered the most susceptible to severe respiratory illnesses during the winter season. However, an unexpected trend has emerged this year, with higher numbers of younger and middle-aged individuals, without significant health issues, falling prey to colds, flu and other airborne viruses. ** This shift in demographics adds a new layer of complexity to the public health challenge posed by the ongoing surge in respiratory illness.


The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the adoption of safety measures such as masks and social distancing. However, as cases decreased following the later stages of the pandemic during the last year, these practices have been seemingly abandoned. Large indoor events have resumed, and social gatherings during the Christmas period lacked the restrictions seen in the past.


Reducing your Risk


Simple measures such as practising good hand hygiene can reduce your risk of getting COVID, flu and colds. These simple yet effective measures can also significantly contribute to minimising the onward transmission of respiratory viruses.


In the midst of this respiratory illness surge, BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray (BioSURE PRO) emerges as a reliable companion for protection. Whether you find yourself in large crowds, on public transport or generally high-risk environments such as concerts, airplanes or care homes, you can rely on BioSURE PRO as your protective defence, offering continuous protection.


What’s so special about BioSURE PRO?


BioSURE PRO contains a blend of natural ingredients, proven to provide a uniform fine-mist plume coverage along the nasal mucosa helping to enhance the human body’s natural protection mechanism(s) by creating a long-lasting physical barrier, essentially blocking and trapping airborne viruses and expelling them via the nostrils.


Imagine a robust barrier within your nostrils, blocking and trapping harmful airborne viruses from the environment along the nasal mucosa and preventing the viruses from entering the lungs via the nose. BioSURE PRO does exactly that. Its key ingredient ‘ELAH’ not only primes but strengthens your body’s first line of defence – the nasal mucosa. The formulation is able to significantly reduce the number of viruses that enter via the nose. It can also enhance the human body’s innate defence mechanism by inhibiting the virus’s ability to take hold and proliferate within the nasal passages. Essentially, if the viruses cannot enter the cells, they cannot replicate. In simple terms, ELAH creates a protective layer which acts as a barrier along the membrane. If viruses can't connect, they can't infect!

It has been known that the nasal passage is a main site of infection and proven that the nostrils are often the first line of defence against harmful viruses. Face masks have been used as appropriate personal protective equipment against previous pandemics such as smallpox, influenza and more recently COVID-19. BioSURE PRO is intended to be used at any time but especially prior to situations where exposure to viruses is likely to be high.

This ground-breaking nasal spray technology isn’t solely about prevention, it’s about empowerment – offering a proactive approach to health that goes beyond prevention. Our advanced formulation offers unparalleled protection against a range of airborne viruses, granting individuals the freedom to navigate daily life confidently, without the worry of getting colds, flu or COVID. Whether in bustling crowds, on public transport, or just generally in high-risk environments, individuals can rely on BioSURE PRO® as their reliable companion, offering continuous protection on-the-go.

BioSURE PRO - the future of virus protection!

Spray, Protect, Go!

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