Don’t let a virus ruin your holiday!

Don’t let a virus ruin your holiday!

Don’t let a virus ruin your holiday!

As the sun trickles through the window, we feel an awakening from the dark, grey skies and crisp chilly air of Winter ebbing away into the new beginnings of Spring. We feel the gentle warmth of the suns’ rays and we are transported to bright, sunny skies, soft, sandy beaches and relaxing days by the pool.

If you, like us here in the BioSure office, are getting excited about planning your Summer holidays there’s one essential item you won’t want to leave behind - your ideal travel companion – BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray!

Whilst COVID may seem like a distant memory the recent surge in respiratory viruses this cold and flu season are still at the forefront of many of our minds.

We’ve just battled through a cold, harsh Winter with many of us missing out on precious time with family and friends because we’ve been in bed fighting off colds or flu that just wouldn’t shift.

Take a break…

We all need a break to look forward to - it’s energising and motivating to browse places to go for the Summer over a nice hot cuppa.

2024 could see a record number of Brits holidaying abroad, with nearly two-thirds (64%) expected to go overseas in the next 12 months.*

Dreams of sipping cocktails by the pool, family fun on the beach and warm tropical evenings could soon be a reality!

Don’t forget to pack your essentials!

It’s always advisable to be prepared. Many of us are sure to pack these holiday essentials:

  • Passport, visas and Travel Insurance
  • Digital copies of documents
  • Travel money, debit or credit cards
  • Suncream, sunglasses and sun hat
  • Hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and facemasks if you’re vulnerable
  • A basic travel First Aid kit - with painkillers and tummy bug remedies
  • Your own pen to sign any documents or forms – pens are a breeding ground for germs!
  • And let’s not forget your BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray – don’t leave home without it!

As Summer gets into full swing people will be mixing in large groups with close contact inevitable. Airports, planes and holiday complexes are crowded places – a perfect party for viruses to connect and infect! So, always carry Protection!

Holiday hot spots - Don't let your vacation become a staycation!

Upper respiratory infections, like colds and flu, are the most common illnesses that you might be exposed to while travelling on a plane. David Weber MD MPH, an infectious disease expert at UNC Medical Center explains: “Airplanes tend to have low humidity on board while in flight. This dries out the mucous membranes, and that makes people more vulnerable to upper respiratory infections,”

“In addition, the recirculated air on airplanes means less fresh air and a potentially higher concentration of viruses or bacteria in the air, and that also makes people more vulnerable.”**

Protect yourself, your family and your friends against unseen viruses

  • Start using BioSURE PRO before you leave for the airport – it provides 6 hours of protection, and you can safely reuse as needed for continuous protection without any risk as it comprises a drug free formula
  • Use hand sanitiser while out and about
  • Use disinfecting wipes to cleanse your armrests and tray table before use on a plane.
  • Stay hydrated on holiday, especially if it’s hotter than usual.
  • Ensure good hand hygiene for all members of your holiday party – wash your hands regularly and help little ones with this too.
  • Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes to protect others.
  • Have peace of mind and have a great time!

How does BioSURE PRO work?

The BioSURE Pro Protective Nasal Spray is designed to work in two ways. Firstly, it provides a physical barrier in the nasal passages, which helps to prevent the entry of unwanted viruses into the body, and, secondly the natural ingredients, such as ELAH, in the spray have antiviral and antibacterial properties that help to neutralise pathogens before they can cause harm.

How many sprays are in bottle of BioSURE PRO?

BioSURE Pro Protective Nasal Spray is cost effective.

There are 400 sprays in each bottle, which will give you 100 uses of six hours each. That is 600 hours of protection per bottle. Great protection for the whole family in one small bottle!

BioSURE PRO – the future of virus protection

For Happy Holidays order your BioSURE PRO today and #UseTheSpray:



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