Gearing up for winter: BioSURE advises on how to protect yourself from colds and flu

Gearing up for winter: BioSURE advises on how to protect yourself from colds and flu

Every winter, business leaders and employees are affected by bouts with debilitating illnesses such as the common cold and forms of flu virus, while Covid-19 also remains an issue. Now that the UK has entered the autumn and we are already feeling the bite of colder weather, BioSURE has advised on how we can protect ourselves from common illnesses which can lead to major inconveniences.

While BioSURE primarily specialises in the development, manufacture and sourcing of rapid tests for various illnesses, it has also released a simple, safe and effective nasal spray which is targeted toward preventing common winter illnesses.

BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray is capable of protecting users for up to six hours, with two simple sprays into each nostril that can be repeated throughout the day.

BioSURE says that regular use helps ensure continuous, effective protection when going about daily life, to avoid catching a cold, the flu or Covid which forces time out of work and the possibility of missing important events or meetings, and having to change key plans.

BioSURE founder and CEO, Brigette Bard, adds that it is also important to be mindful of our diets and all-round wellbeing to help boost our immune systems which can help keep illnesses at bay.

Bard says: “Your immune system is really important to consider, as this is how your body responds to things like viruses and bacteria. It is impacted by your general diet and wellbeing and things such as recently being ill or taking medications, especially antibiotics. Even the weather can have an impact, as your body needs sunlight to produce Vitamin D to keep you healthy.

“There are long-term conditions and long-term treatments which can cause immunosuppression, which is when your immune system becomes weakened, which make you far more susceptible to catching infections and can also mean it is more difficult and takes longer to recover. These circumstances mean you have to be even more aware and extra vigilant, in keeping yourself protected from potential exposures to viruses and bacteria.

“Having a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables is always important and can help keep colds at bay. You could also consider taking good vitamin supplements through the winter. Vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B9 (folate), B12 and the minerals zinc, copper, selenium, and iron are all really important for your immune system to operate properly. There are some homeopathic options such as echinacea which can help give your immune system a boost and some people swear by taking a regular decent probiotic, which gives you ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria that can help to keep you healthy. It is worth doing a bit of research to see what suits you best.”

Bard also explains that although social restrictions implemented through the Covid-19 pandemic may now be a thing of the past, it remains important to maintain good personal hygiene and wash hands regularly to help avoid picking up new infections.

“The millennia old advice we were given throughout the pandemic about washing hands regularly, still holds as true as ever. Having germs on your hands and then touching your face or transferring to other surfaces and/or people, poses a high risk of infection. Obviously following current guidelines is always important, but regular handwashing with soap is an easy and effective way to reduce the risk of contracting and transmitting viruses.

“Consciously boosting your immune system combined with our game changing BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray means you can significantly reduce your chances of being inconvenienced with being ill and regain confidence in making plans, reconnecting with friends and family and helping you live the life you want.”

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