Have you seen our winter BioSURE PRO campaign?

Have you seen our winter BioSURE PRO campaign?

Have you seen our winter campaign running across some of the busiest London Underground stations? Nobody wants to miss out this Christmas, so delivering the message that you can now help protect yourself, by blocking colds, flu and COVID-19 before they start has been really exciting and we've had lots of questions asked!

Our experience with COVID-19 antibody testing meant we experienced first-hand how important it is to people to know if they have protection. Fast forward 2 years and we are now thrilled to be launching the first product in our PRO range (PRO for PROtection!) -  BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray

BioSURE Pro creates an invisible protective barrier in your nasal passages which blocks airborne viruses from being able to attach to the cells there. If the viruses can't attach, they can't infect! Just two simple sprays into each nostril is proven to be effective for 6 hours and it can be reapplied without risk of overdose or developing dependencies for that continuous layer of protection.  

BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal spray is drug-free and proven safe and effective to use. It has a unique, patented formula and contains containing ELAH (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginine Hydrochloride), a molecule found in a well-known mouthwash, where it has been safely used for decades to block bacteria from causing infection. Our spray is designed to be used daily and is one of the most cost-effective nasal sprays on the market, with 400 sprays per bottle which equals 3 months usage if you use it daily. That is less than 15p per 6 hours of protection! 

With everyone in the Christmas spirit, socialising and travelling to see friends and family, now is the perfect time to protect yourself from airborne viruses. The news channels have recently been talking about the 'tripledemic' which is the surge of RSV, flu and COVID-19 infections this year and everybody seems to know someone who's been ill recently. So don't miss out, just spray, protect and go! 

Take Control of You and feel your best tomorrow.

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