Enjoy more, worry less. BioSURE PRO is your perfect travel companion.

Enjoy more, worry less. BioSURE PRO is your perfect travel companion.

Summer is finally getting here and holiday plans are underway, but after the past couple of years of disruption, does it ever cross your mind of how it feels to miss out on something you are so looking forward to?

The recent pandemic is still pretty fresh in our minds, but in a recent survey, most people now would still travel even if they knew they have a current infection. Couple that up with the numerous studies that evidence the increased likelihood of transmission on airplanes, plus new strains coming though, the chances of picking up not only covid but also other airborne viruses during your travels, is higher than usual.

Wouldn’t it feel nice to have an extra layer of protection to give you peace of mind? Even if you are not worried about catching a virus, do you want to feel under the weather for even a day of your precious time away? Do you want to avoid the moral dilemma of making somebody else ill if you know you don’t feel well?

BioSURE Pro Protective Nasal Spray gives you an easy solution. Drug-free, it offers a simple, effective way to protect you and your family from a wide range of viruses.

So how does it work?

The unique BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray is designed to work in two ways. Firstly, it creates an invisible physical barrier at the main site of infection - your nasal passages. This protective layer helps prevent unwanted viruses connecting to the cells because if viruses can't connect, they can't infect. Secondly the natural ingredients have antiviral and antibacterial properties that help to neutralise pathogens before they can cause harm.

Is it safe to use?

BioSURE PRO is drug free and made from natural ingredients. It has been clinically proven safe and effective and can be used daily and reapplied as needed for continuous defense against common airborne viruses.

Studies have shown that BioSURE Pro has shown no side effects, has had no dependencies from daily usage and, therefore is non-addictive.  Its efficiency does not decrease after prolonged usage.

Why is it unique?

The key ingredient of the nasal spray is ELAH (ethyl lauroyl arginine HCL), which has been used in a certain global brand mouthwash for decades, to block bacterial growth in the mouth and prevent and even reverse gum disease.

The same award-wining team of scientists that developed the mouthwash, developed the patented formula of BioSURE PRO.  

Two sprays, Two nostrils, Two Times

The spray is easy to use and can is effective in seconds. Simply hold the bottle upright and spray twice into each nostril. You don’t need to sniff, just squirt. The  protective barrier in your nasal passages lasts up to 6 hours per application, and can be reapplied as required to provide continuous protection against airborne viruses.

Value for Money

The cost of the many necessities that are needed for your summer holidays can put a substantial dent in anyone’s pocket.  From suntan lotion to after sun, medicines for those upset tummies and insect repellant for those nasty mosquitoes, the list is endless. The good news is that BioSURE Pro Protective Nasal Spray is cost effective. There are 400 sprays in each, which will give you 100 uses of six hours each. That is 600 hours of protection per bottle! And that’s less than 2.5 pence per hour! Great protection for the whole family so nobody has to miss out.

When to Use BioSURE Pro Protective Nasal Spray

For protection from those unwanted viruses, it is essential to spray pre-travel, before you get to crowded places or get on any form of transport. Whilst in transit and on the plane, in fact anytime during your holiday where you feel it may be warranted. Why take the chance of feeling under the weather when you can “Spray, Protect and Go”.

So whether you are going on a short weekend trip away, on your annual holiday, it makes sense to have peace of mind and make BioSURE PRO your essential travel item. Just zip this small but powerful product into your pocket, handbag, or carry-on, and make sure you and your family can enjoy more and worry less.

BioSure Global is a leading biotechnology company, that manufactures innovative healthcare solutions in the UK and distributes globally. We are not just another wellbeing company. We take it personally.

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