Do you know how much losing your team to colds and flu costs your business?

Do you know how much losing your team to colds and flu costs your business?

The costs of employees taking sick days can really add up for businesses.

Cost to businesses
According to some research, the average cost per employee is around £781 in lost productivity and sick pay. That adds up to a staggering £5 billion per year for small businesses alone!

Cost to employees
In this current climate, we also need to evaluate the cost of personal loss through sickness and how we can look at preventative measures to protect ourselves from airborne viruses throughout this winter period.

There is a solution
Businesses can cost-effectively protect their workforces against coughs, colds, and flu especially as we are 
expecting a #tripledemic winter. 

BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray
Now, for just £0.02 per hour, you can reduce time off and rebuild confidence among your team coming into the workplace.

Our unique, patented formula is proven to protect against colds, flu and airborne viruses for 6 hours per application.


Protective physical barrier
The spray creates a physical barrier that is proven to block the attachment of airborne viruses in the nose and nasopharynx for 6 hours. It does this by temporarily blocking the virus spike proteins from entering and attaching to the ACE2 receptors in the cells in your nasal and nasopharyngeal passages which are the main sites of infection.

Proven to be safe and effective
Various independent human and in-vitro studies have proven its safety and efficacy.

Continuous protection throughout the day 
The spray is not a medicine and has no pharmacological action, so can be reapplied every 6 hours for continuous protection without side effects and with no reduction in effectiveness.

There is no risk of overdose or dependencies from frequent use.

BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray is registered.

Simply Spray, Protect, Go.

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