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The tools to take responsibility

With all restrictions now being removed, we are each again resuming responsibility for our own actions.

In the recent announcement from the Prime Minister he said, "we don't need laws to compel people to be considerate to others, we can rely on that sense of responsibility toward one another."

We couldn't agree more and have extensive and unique insight in how utterly capable we all are!

Who should get tested?

Basically anyone who wants to know if they currently have COVID-19 infection and are potentially infectious to others.

It could be that you have symptoms and want to know if you have COVID-19. It could be that you are visiting grandparents and want to make sure you remove any risk.

Whatever the reason, being able to test wherever and whenever you want puts you in control.

Value for money

Free government tests are ending for most and we want to bring you the best quality tests for the best possible price.

Family pack of 4 tests for under £10 and a party pack of 10 tests for just £20, delivered to your door

Bulk discounts available for volume orders, so please get in touch.

I'm a bit confused about COVID tests, there are so many...

There are so many different types of COVID-19 tests, so how do you know which one to use at which time?

An antigen test tell you if you have an infection right now and requires a sample from your nose, mouth or throat. They detect proteins that are specific to the virus that will be present in people who have a current, live infection. The cassette tests that give you your result while you wait are sometimes called rapid tests and many people are currently calling them lateral flow tests (LFT's). Lateral flow is actually the style of technology, where a mixture of sample and buffer solution flow through a membrane strip - exactly as originally used in home pregnancy tests.

PCR tests also detect the genetic material of the virus, so will tell you if you have current infection, but are performed in a laboratory so you have to wait longer for your result. Because they are more sensitive than rapid tests (LFTs) they can detect infection earlier, but they can also give a positive result after the infection has cleared as there can still be genetic debris in the sample.

An antibody test tells you if you have had a previous infection and/or an immune response to vaccination. They require a blood sample as this is where your antibodies are kept in your body.

The BioSURE COVID-19 IgG Antibody Self Test detects the anti-spike neutralising IgG antibodies that your body makes as the immune response to both from infection and vaccination from the tiniest drop of blood from a finger prick. These are the type of antibodies that stay in your body and give you protection.

What about symptoms?

SARS-CoV-2 is the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, an acute respiratory virus.

The symptoms of COVID-19 have changed as the virus has mutated over time. Originally these were a high temperature, a new or continuous cough and a loss of taste and smell, but now with the emergence of the Omicron variant - which is more transmissible but with less severe symptoms - the top symptoms. are a runny nose, headache and fatigue. Interestingly, the loss of taste and smell has become far less common.

Global studies have shown that between 5% and 80% of people can have asymptomatic COVID-19 infection, which is when you have an active infection by do not show any symptoms. These same studies evidence that even people with asymptomatic infection can transmit the virus to others.

So whether you want to test because you have symptoms, or want to know if you are infectious to others even if you don't have symptoms, it is simple and inexpensive to have antigen tests to hand, so that you can make the best informed decisions.