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Tiny blood sample.

No mixing or measuring.

Your own result in 20 mins .

As easy as...

The BioSURE COVID-19 IgG Antibody is specifically CE mark, so you can know your own neutralising antibody status wherever and whenever you choose

Our self-test is proven to be easy to use and accurate and comes with everything you need.

It really is as simple as "prick, suck, poke" (prick your finger, your test automatically sucks up the correct amount of blood and you poke the tip of your test into the pre-filled buffer pot)

Hey presto - your own result in 20 minutes.

1. We detect neutralising antibodies

Your body produces antibodies to COVID-19 either due to natural infection or from vaccination - and it is the IgG neutralising antibodies that can offer protection.

When you are infected by a virus it leaves behind signs. These can include: a dead virus, viral shedding (like viral dead skin), antibodies (which your body produces in response to the virus) or a live virus itself. All of these viral artefacts can trigger a false positive result (ie. telling you you are infectious when you are not.)

This wasn’t much of a problem when we were focused on testing people with suspected symptoms. However, as we move to proactive screening - testing large groups of people multiple times a week - then the cost of these false positives starts to become a serious drain on people’s time, businesses’ resources and the economy.

2. Other tests are uncomfortable

Because of how they detect viral material, other antigen test technologies have to rely on more invasive methods of sample collection: nasal swabs, throat swabs, tonsil swabs and nasopharyngeal swabs. This makes them poorly suited to be used multiple times a week, and inaccessible to the elderly, the young and the disabled.

Unlike other tests, KnowNowᵀᴹ Tests only look for the live COVID-19 virus.

Our patented test uses the COVID-19 virus's binding mechanism as a trigger. Viruses bind to human cells in order to cause an infection; KnowNowᵀᴹ technology mimics a human cell and detects if a virus binds to it. As only a live virus can bind to it, a positive result means that a live virus is present now.

Our unique detection method has enabled the development of an antigen test that is accurate using only saliva mouth swabs. This has allowed us to design a test experience that is painless, easy, and works in 15 minutes to tell you if you are infectious at the time of the test.