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"Britain's antibody testing fiasco"

BioSure's chief executive revealed on social media the firm was 'ready to go'.

It has been snubbed by officials who are allegedly not evaluating self-test kits.

Stephen Matthews, Mail Online

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"Senior Government official admits 15-minute coronavirus antibody tests are still being evaluated as manufacturer warns it could take them SIX WEEKS to have any kits ready for Britons to use"

 The Government has been fiercely criticised for failing to prioritise testing.

New 'antibody' fingerprick tests take 15 minutes to detect if someone had virus.

Stephen Matthews, Mail Online

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HIV Treatment: Everything You Need to Know.

Read this article below by David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H. for more information about treatment of HIV:



A recent survey conducted by SH:24 found the majority of people chose self-testing over self sampling.


SH:24 survery about self testing

Know Your Status article in QX Magazine by Freedom Bar

 QX Magazine - Know Your Status event - Freedom Bar Article


Stars, Sequins and Streaming: 'Know Your Status: Live' Article by Best Gay Life

Interview with the Evening Standard about the importance of HIV Self Testing this World AIDS Day
If you missed our Know Your Status Live 2019 podcast show on World AIDS Day you can watch it here:
Know Your Status Live 2019 podcast show
The Independent
National HIV Testing Week: How self-testing kits will help to end the epidemic by 2030
The Independent
We are excited to announce that tickets for our exclusive red ribbon carpet event in support of World AIDS Day are available to book now: Sunday 1st December at Freedom Bar Soho.
Interview with Means Happy - a platform for the LGBTQ+ community where you can find uplifting stories about culture, icons, news and relationships...
BioSure 2019  National Testing Week and World AIDS Day
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Innovation Origins - independent news platform for Europe
BioSure made Start Up Of The Day on the Innovation Origins independent news platform for a new startup that is contributing to the world of innovation. 
HIV - switch on the light (BioSURE HIV Self Test) 
Our animation video about the importance of knowing your status and how HIV is a treatable condition.

BioSURE 2019 Gaydio Advert

Evening Standard
International Women's Day - Brigette - one of five inspirational women making a difference in London

Maserati 100
Brigette made the Maserati 100 index 2019 - celebrating entrepreneurial excellence in the UK.

Chemist and Drugist - Boots stocks the BioSURE HIV Self Test in over 800 pharmacies


Pitch@Palace 3.0 Global
Francesca's Speech for the Pitch@Palace 3.0 Global
Pitch@Palace 10.0
Brigette's winning speech for the pitch@palace 10.0.
Cosmopolitan -
Superdrug HIV self testing kits
The Wright Stuff - BioSURE HIV Self Test
Superdrug launch 
Our launch in Superdrug hit all of the newspapers
and made headlines in -
ITV News - Prince Harry's visit to Nottingham on World AIDS Day
Featuring our BioSURE HIV Self Test.
December 2017
BBC Look East - Essex business achievements.
Featuring BioSure and Our CEO Brigette Bard
November 2017
National Testing Week 2017
UK ITV London News.
THT pop up shop, handing out our BioSURE HIV Self Test.
November 2017
BBC1  -  The Truth About HIV
Featuring our BioSURE HIV Self Test, no HIV test is easier.
May 2017


Expreso - Launch Of South Africa's First Approved HIV Self Test.

In South Africa, 7 million people are living with HIV, and about 1.7 million of those people are unaware. Fighting HIV needs to start with knowing your status, and now that testing can be done in the privacy of your own home. Joining us today is Brigette Bard, Founder and CEO of BioSure to help us unpack this epidemic. 



Coverage over National HIV Testing Week and World Aids Day 2016

CNN International
Thursday 1st December 2016

77 million

ITV - Lorraine Programme and This Morning
Thursday 1st December 2016
3 million

 LBC - Lucy Beresford 
Saturday 4th December
1.8 Million

BBC Radio West Midlands - Sunny & Shay
Monday 21
 November 2016


BBC Radio London - Sunny & Shay
Sunday 27th November 2016


 Gaydio -Debbie & Neil
Saturday 26th November 2016


"Prince Harry takes HIV test live in sexual health clinic in 'groundbreaking moment' to raise awareness of condition"

"Prince Harry's live HIV test resulted in a huge surge in tests across the UK"
Wired - "How to Design a Foolproof At-Home HIV Test Kit"
Upworthy - "Testing for HIV is now as easy as seeing if you're pregnant"
Motherboard - "The First HIV Self-Testing Kit Aims to Cut Down on Late Diagnoses"
The Guardian - "HIV self-testing kit goes on sale in UK"
HIV Self-testing Kit goes on sale in UK - Guardian Screenshot 
Huffington Post - "HIV Home Test Kit Goes On Sale In The UK: This Product Will Empower People To Discreetly Test Themselves"
HIV Home Test Kit Goes on Sale in the UK - Huffington Post Screenshot
BBC - "HIV home test kit goes on sale in UK"
HIV Home Test Kit goes on sale in UK - BBC News Screenshot
Mirror - "World's first HIV self-testing kit goes on sale and can offer diagnosis in 15 minutes"
World's first HIV self-testing kit goes on - Mirror Screenshot
Sky News - "HIV Self-Testing Kit Gives Result In 15 Mins"
HIV Self-Testing Kit Gives Result in 15 Mins - Sky News Screenshot
The Telegraph - "First HIV self-testing kits go on sale in UK"
First HIV self-testing kits go on sale in UK: The Telegraph Screenshot
Daily Mail - "First DIY test for HIV goes on sale in UK: Self-testing equipment has a 99.7 per cent accuracy"
First DIY test for HIV goes on sale in UK: MailOnline Screenshot
Metro - "The world’s first HIV self-testing kit is being launched"
The world's first HIV self-testing kit is being launched: Metro Screenshot
The Tab - "You can now test yourself for HIV at home and get an answer in 15 minutes"
Heart London Magazine - "Health – Get tested, with Europe’s First HIV Self Test"