BioSure COVID-19 Self Test Pilot with Hearts Football Club

BioSure COVID-19 Self Test Pilot with Hearts Football Club

BioSure COVID-19 Self Test Pilot with Hearts Football Club | BioSure

BioSure the Self Test experts, explore how a game-changing ‘self-test’ could help bring back the beautiful game in a COVID-19 safe way with Edinburgh’s Heart of Midlothian Football Club.

The world’s first saliva-based rapid test for Covid-19, the BioSURE COVID-19 Antigen Self Test utilising the ground-breaking Vatic Know Now™ Antigen Test, can help reunite society and bring back spectator sports and events safely and efficiently.

In a bid to getting the sports world back on its feet; inviting players back to the field and roaring fans back to the stands, BioSure, the leading experts in self-testing, partnered with WSA Healthcare to run a COVID-19 self-testing pilot with Hearts of Midlothian Football club on Wednesday 3rd of March.

WSA Healthcare, with their links into football through Foys Medical (part of the WSAH group), brought BioSure to Tynecastle to conduct the user evaluations with the Edinburgh football club and open discussions for how the tests can help see fans back in the stadium.

Today’s pre-game rapid testing pilot is a useability study to see how people respond to the use of the saliva based BioSURE COVID-19 Antigen Self Test, as opposed to an on-site professional delivered COVID-19 test screening. There is a now a huge call for COVID-19 self-testing, with many large events and businesses suggesting this method of testing is crucial for longevity of testing programmes. 

BioSure are confident their self-testing solution will support the recovery planning for spectator sports, which have been hard hit by the third national lockdown.

The BioSURE COVID-19 Antigen Self Test is an easy-to-use saliva-based test, meaning no nasal or throat swab, and is a far less invasive way of testing, providing a highly accurate result in just 15 minutes. 

This sports testing pilot is timely with the UK Government budget also due this Wednesday. Spectator sports are set to be given £300m boost in Wednesday’s budget, and the government have further pledged to provide a fresh provision of loans and grants to help the summer sports survive the impact of the third lockdown and assist clubs in their recovery caused by the lack of fans. 

The trial was run with Hearts staff and volunteers and demonstrated how testing can be scaled at both smaller clubs and premiership league sports. An accurate, easy to use self-test could allow a COVID-19 negative stadium of fans and deliver a seamless entry system, increasing footfall and reducing stress.  

 Brigette Bard, BioSure Global Ltd 

“Due to our teams' unique expertise in self testing, BioSure fully understands the need for simple, accurate and cost-effective tests that can deliver real results in real time, pre-event, to ease access systems for all larger scale events, especially within sports. 

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to review how self-testing can provide a clear pathway to re-opening the doors of events and hospitality with confidence and ease.

Through our collaboration with Vatic and utilising their KnowNow saliva test technology, the BioSURE COVID-19 Antigen Saliva Self Test will only identify current live infection and is simple and pain-free to administer - critical for successful mass testing.”

Chris McKendrick, CEO of WSA Healthcare

“Antigen tests are an important and extremely effective tool against the spread of the coronavirus – and potentially game-changing for opening up sports stadia across Scotland. With well-established links into football, we have made it a priority to help facilitate the introduction of these tests.”


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Brigette Bard, BioSure Global Ltd

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