“Living with COVID” plan - It’s time to move forward and live with COVID-19.

“Living with COVID” plan - It’s time to move forward and live with COVID-19.

All remaining COVID legal restrictions* have been lifted and you no longer have to isolate if you have COVID-19. From the 1st of April free Lateral Flow Tests and Community PCR testing will be scrapped. So, it’s time to move away from Government intervention and move towards personal responsibility.

The Government believes that the vaccine uptake has provided a wall of immunity to protect our population to return to normality and give us back our freedoms. Contingency plans will remain in place and can be brought back if needed. We all want the world to return to normal, but we need to find a new normal that gives us our freedom whilst living with COVID. COVID is not going away but we can all do our bit to live with COVID together.

Why is it important to Know Your Status right now?

At the heart of all this is protection and antibodies are your bodies way of protecting you against infection and symptoms. For COVID-19 you can make these through vaccination and/or natural infection. The ZOE COVID Study states it found that vaccine-induced protection from COVID starts to fade after a number of months. 

Antibody testing puts you in control of your own health. You can test to know if you have protective antibodies to COVID-19 so you can make informed decisions. The BioSURE IgG Antibody Self Test gives you the tools to #TakeControl for yourself. Testing helps bring peace of mind to you and your family, friends, and colleagues. It can tell you if you have protection from having serious symptoms if you catch COVID. It’s easy to use, with just 3 simple steps and gives you your own results in only 20 minutes. You can test where and when you want, and you have the results at your fingertips.

You can also test regularly to know if you have protective antibodies to Covid-19 and make informed choices about where and when you go out and who you choose to visit.

How can you know if you have COVID-19 if the Government are scrapping free lateral flow tests?

You can know if you have #COVID19 right now with the Healgen Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Self Test. This self test uses the same method as the Government Lateral Flow Test’s that we’ve all been doing. It’s easy to use and gives you your result in minutes so you can again make informed choices if you test positive for COVID-19. The Healgen Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Self Test is one of only a handful of UK Government-approved #COVID19 Tests. It can detect if you have #COVID19, including the Omicron Variant so we can #StopTheSpread.

BioSure are here to support you and provide solutions to help you live with COVID. It’s time to use our common sense and test, test, test!

* Find out more about the Government's COVID legal restrictions.

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