Are you protected from COVID-19?

Are you protected from COVID-19?

Is It Time For COVID-19 Antibody Testing? A confirmed study shows 95% of people would like to know their antibody status.

Public demand for antibody testing is on the increase. Premium global manufacturer of medical equipment, Abingdon Health, carried out a Survey to find out how people felt about antibody testing. 95% of people surveyed said they would be interested in COVID-19 antibody testing to monitor their antibody status (know if they are protected). As it is common knowledge that antibodies wain over time 86% also said they would consider carrying out regular antibody testing to monitor their antibody levels over time.

What do the results tell us?

This survey shows that the growing demand for antibody home testing is evident, and therefore providing access to regular antibody self testing is vital to enable people to know their status to protect their family, friends, and colleagues.

The survey was sent to people from a range of organisations, across many different industries, holding a variety of different job titles and positions including CEO’S, Pilots, Police Constables, Teachers, Retail Workers, Osteopaths and Paramedics.

Why would you want to know your antibody status?

There were lots of reasons that people wanted to know their antibody status. From understanding how their antibodies change over time, to being able to plan and make choices about visiting family and friends and taking precautions to protect themselves and others. Some people wanted to see their antibody response to the vaccine or if they had antibodies from natural infection. Others wanted to know their antibody status to feel more comfortable about returning to their pre-pandemic activities.

With the BioSURE COVID-19 IgG Antibody Self Test you can know if you are protected from developing serious symptoms to COVID-19 today. The test is easy to use with just 3 simple steps and your own results in minutes. You can test at home and have peace of mind to make informed decisions on your own terms. To buy now:

This recent article published by Abingdon Health shows research on the efficacy of vaccines over periods of time and the strength in antibody protection from a natural infection.

Here is a link to the full study:

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